Selling the Luxury Home

Selling a Seattle luxury home can have some specific challenges.  I can provide the knowledge and expertise to navigate these challenges and deliver you the exceptional service you need in order to sell your luxury property.  

Seattle is truly a beautiful and vibrant city, surrounded by Puget Sound and numerous lakes, the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges, and lush forests and greenery.  Seattle’s natural beauty, its urban amenities like plentiful restaurants, shopping and entertainment, and its strong economy – thanks to businesses like Amazon, Boeing, and Microsoft and a thriving tech industry – attracts home buyers from around the world.  Seattle offers the perfect balance of natural beauty while maintaining a big city feel.  It’s no wonder why people are attracted to this amazing city.  

The greater Seattle area boasts some of the finest luxury homes and estates in Washington state.  The housing market of luxury homes is a specialized, competitive niche market. Affluent home buyers are out there - you just need to find the right buyer, at the right price.

Whether you are looking to sell a manor estate in The Highlands, a private lakefront home in Laurelhurst,  a rare penthouse condo in downtown Seattle, or a waterfront estate in the surrounding Islands, I will work with you to effectively market your home.  

When You Work With Me

  • I will provide the guidance you need to price your home right so that you can achieve fair market value for your home.  
  • I will customize your marketing using various channels to promote your property.
  • I will go the extra mile to employ professionals to expertly photograph and stage your home.
  • I can help quickly identify and qualify interested buyers.
  • I will guide you through the process of selling your home and negotiate on your behalf.

The Seattle area boasts many luxury properties, in neighborhoods like downtown Seattle, Madison Park, Madrona,  Broadmore, Mercer Island, and Bellevue. To be competitive in this niche market, you will want to work with a realtor who knows this market and the specific challenges it faces.  

Tips to Selling a Luxury Home or Estate

Work with a real estate agent who has expertise selling luxury homes.

Luxury properties require special treatment.  From knowing how to set a listing price, to a well executed marketing plan, to staging a home that will appeal to affluent buyers, to expertise in negotiating a deal, it is important to work with a realtor who has experience selling luxury homes and estates, one you can communicate with and trust throughout the process.  A realtor who has experience with selling high end properties may also have the advantage of knowing a large network of contacts including other local luxury brokers or private networks.  These personal and professional backchannels often provide access to qualified, interested buyers.  

Price your home right.

Knowing how to price a luxury home is not easy, but the astute realtor can guide you to price your home aggressively.  Many luxury homes are architecture-designed and custom built, and no two luxury homes are alike.  Using an in-depth, comparative market analysis to determine a competitive listing price of a luxury home is imperative.  A luxury agent should do their research, know the neighborhood, and know what other comparable or relevant properties sell for.    But, when determining price, one needs to also consider custom features and amenities, upgrades, location, view, beach or water access, privacy and history.  These important features greatly influence how to determine a fair price for your home. 

Market a luxury home.

Effective marketing is critical in increasing the level of exposure necessary to target potential buyers.  Print advertising and direct mail, even in this day in age, still has a place in an effective marketing plan.  But, a savvy realtor will take full advantage of online marketing, too, and highlight luxury listings on their website and blog, and use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to provide maximum exposure.  A comprehensive marketing plan, one that markets through multiple channels, should include marketing directly to potential international buyers as well.

Use professional photography.

A picture speaks a thousand words, right?  Make sure it’s the right picture!  Professional, high quality photos and videos can sell.  Working with a professional photographer to take glamorous, well-lit shots to market your luxury home can make the difference in selling to the right buyer, at the right price.  Gorgeous photos and an amazing video virtual tour of the estate will evoke emotion and create a desire to own the home.  

Stage the home to sell.

Creating the right impression with expert staging can make or break the success of the sale.   Bringing in a professional to stage the home to sell is part of appealing to the high end buyer.  Buyers looking to spend multiple millions of dollars on a home expect to see a property that is white-glove perfect, including high quality furnishings and fine art. If there are amenities that make the home stand out, like a grand, formal dining room, then having it elegantly furnished with fine china place settings can help potential buyers envision living there.  Staging is about maximizing the price of the home and minimizing the time on the market.  

Choose the right timing.

Timing is everything, even when it comes to selling a luxury home.  True – like other investments, no one can time the real estate market, but there are some things that are fool-proof.  For example, if the home has gorgeous grounds and expansive gardens, putting the home on the market in spring or summer helps to feature the landscaping.  

Have patience.

Feeling pressured to sell quickly can be detrimental.  Work with your Seattle real estate agent to create and execute a successful marketing strategy – then have the patience to wait for the right buyer.  

Are you looking to put your Seattle luxury home or estate on the market?  Contact me to talk more about how I can help you sell your luxury property and achieve your goals. 

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This was not my first home purchase and, having been through the process, I felt I knew what to expect; stress & frustration.  Having that previous experience, I was pleasantly surprised by the service I received from Scott Haveson, with Windermere.  I didn't know the buying process could be so seamless.  Scott walked me through every aspect of the purchase and maintained stellar communication throughout. He’s also a wealth of knowledge on the Seattle area and has relationships with some of the best vendors I’ve worked with.  He helped me locate inspectors, electricians, chimney and septic specialists.  All of whom were attentive, honest professionals who did solid work. 

Simply put, Scott provided what I may only describe as concierge service and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve already referred a couple of friends who are in the market.  I can’t think of anyone they’d be in better hands with. - A.O.

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