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What to Consider Before Selling Your Home

January 12, 2018

Selling your home can be really stressful so finding the right real estate agent is key. With Seattle’s housing boom, this may be a great time to put your house on the market. Finding someone who knows what’s happening in the Seattle real estate market and can help guide you along the way can make for a smooth sale.

Here are a few things to consider before selling your home:

Hiring A Great Realtor Is Extremely Important - This is an often overlooked step when selling a home.  Not every realtor is the same and it’s important to have high expectations of the real estate agent you hire to sell your home.  Top producing agents possess different qualities and have different skill sets. While there is no guarantee that the top producing realtor you hire will be the right one for you, by asking the right questions and seeking honest answers, this can ensure the best fit for your selling needs.

Gather Information, Paperwork, and Documents - This can be a confusing and frustrating step. A great realtor knows what information should be included in the documents for selling your home. They should be able to help you collect all the right information. Here are some examples of the kind of paperwork and documents you may want to gather before selling your home.

  • Outstanding mortgage balance (if applicable) & pay-off balance
  • Dates of any home improvement projects, such as, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, window installation, carpet installation, etc.
  • Hot water heater age & any instruction manuals
  • Any included appliance ages & any instruction manuals
  • Any certificate of compliance that apply, such as, deck permits, shed permits, fence permits, etc…

Choosing When To Sell Is Different For Everyone - Every real estate market is different.  Seattle’s market is booming right now and has been great for sellers.  Generally speaking, the spring months (March, April, & May) are the months that a seller will receive top dollar for their home. It’s important that you evaluate all the pro’s and con’s of each selling time frame. A great realtor should be able to give you both the positives and negatives of each time frame.

Make Sure Your Home is Market Ready - Before thinking about putting your house on the market, take a moment to walk through your home and try to see it through a possible buyer’s eyes. Then give yourself time to apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls, to do a deep clean of the entire house, get rid of clutter and pack up personal objects. This is the perfect time to make any necessary improvements that could upgrade curb appeal and ultimately affect the asking price. Renting a storage unit to store furniture and personal belongings is something that would make any seller's life a lot easier!

Pricing The Home Right From The Beginning Can Be The Difference - The most important factor to whether a home sells or doesn’t relates to pricing.  If you price your home too high from the start, it can actually cost you lots of money in the future. It’s also important to understand today’s buyers and know they are very educated and have tons of information at their fingertips.  Buyer’s often will know a home is overpriced and will choose not to even look at it.

A Pre-Listing Inspection Is A Good Idea - It’s a good idea to have a professional home inspector perform an inspection of your home before selling.  It’s preferred that the inspector you hire to perform the inspection is a member of American Society of Home Inspectors or National Institute of Building Inspectors.

By completing this pre-listing inspection, you can address the issues that the home inspector may note during his inspection.  Make sure that the home inspector who does the pre-listing inspection will provide you with a detailed report and also pictures relating to anything they note in their report.

If you’re in the Seattle area and looking to sell your home, contact Scott Havenson. It isn’t just about selling your home, it’s guiding you through the busy market and making sure you are covered every step of the way.


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Scott is more than just a realtor: in the short time that I have known him he has become a trusted advisor and friend.  I first had the pleasure of working with Scott when I decided to sell my property on the East side.  He went well beyond what I came to expect from other brokers and helped me in every aspect of getting my house ready for sale.  He also gathered the most up-to-date market intelligence so that we could set the right offering price.  Once the sale was done, Scott gave me the education I needed to purchase my new home in Seattle with confidence.  Throughout the process he provided personalized service and had a team of specialists on standby to assist in every aspect of the transaction.  If you’ve spent any time looking at real estate in Seattle recently, you know that every advantage counts.  In today’s competitive market, you need a person like Scott on your side. ~ Mark M.

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