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10 Ways to Improve Your Home Before Selling

October 12, 2017

10 Ways to Improve Your Home Before Selling

When selling your home, you want to make sure it’s updated and desirable in a busy Seattle market. Updates such as painting and decluttering can go a long way. These simple staging tips below will really add a wow factor that can lead to a quick sale.

1. Remove Moss From Roof

In the pacific northwest, this is a big step. Having moss on the roof can make buyers think your roof is old and will need to be replaced soon. If you don’t want to hire someone to remove it,  you can use a long-handled scrub brush to scour it loose, working down the roof to keep from lifting and breaking the shingles. Don’t use a pressure washer — the power of the spray could damage shingles.

2. Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

This is especially true if you have pets. Odors from cats and dogs can really turn potential buyers away. Remove any pet bedding, litter boxes and keep pet hair to a minimum on furniture and carpets.

If your carpeting is old and tired and you have hardwood flooring underneath, remove the carpet. Chances are, buyers are going to want to know the condition of the floors anyway.

3. Fix Up Your Deck

If you have an outdoor space such as a deck or patio, update this area to look and feel as inviting as possible. Upgrade existing outdoor furniture by purchasing new cushions and pillows, give your grill a deep clean, and update any garden area with potted flowers and plants. If it’s winter and you live in a cold climate, be sure to keep these areas shoveled to show them off.

4. Clean Out Closets

This is the perfect time to go through your closets and start decluttering and packing items you may not need at the moment. Once you’ve organized the remaining clothing and items, the closets will instantly appear larger — a big plus to buyers.

5. Give Your Moldings A Makeover

If your moldings are chipped or scuffed, give them a quick touch-up. This is also a great time to touch up any walls that have scuff marks or stains.

6. Make Sure Your Mechanics Are In Working Order

Buyers will want to feel as though a boiler or furnace is in good working condition and has a lot of life left. Having these items cleaned and inspected prior to putting your house up for sale can make a difference being able to sell the home quickly.

7. Give Your Front Door A Fresh Look

Give your front door a fresh coat of paint and replace your house numbers with a more modern look. If your mailbox is looking worn down, it may be time to replace it. Also, be sure your entryway looks tidy; don’t welcome potential buyers with clutter. This is a good time to remove any old decor or kids toys.

8. Update Your Outlets

If your electrical outlets and switches are outdated and yellowed, it’s time to replace them. Make sure to use the same style in each room for a uniform look. Replace your switch plates too if they’re looking a little worn out.

9. Focus on Lighting

A dark room is an immediate turnoff to buyers. Replacing older lighting styles with more trendy, contemporary fixtures is an easy way to make a room feel more up to date. Make sure to replace any burnt out bulbs around the house. Don’t forget the porch light!

10. Clean Up Your Knobs and Pulls

If your kitchen cabinets or drawers are on the older side but you don’t have the time or budget to redo them, replace the knobs and pulls with a more modern or unique version. This is an inexpensive task, yet it can make a huge difference in your kitchen’s appeal.

These easy updates can make a world of difference when selling your home. Here’s to a quick and easy sell!

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