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Simple Summer Home Updates

June 01, 2017

Now that the sun has finally come out here in Seattle, it is actually starting to feel like the early days of summer. Sunshine, warm weather, more time spent outdoors – these are all the obvious changes that come with the changing of the seasons, but summer brings the added benefit of being able to refresh your home, too! Everyone knows about spring cleaning, but after you have cleaned out cobwebs from the winter and decluttered the house, it’s the perfect time to make a few, simple updates to your home. Read on to see how you can ready your home for the warm weather.

Outdoor living spaces

Do you love to invite your friends over and host great parties? Wow them at your next party by creating an outdoor entertaining space. All it takes is some comfortable seating, an outdoor rug, a large umbrella, and close access to your kitchen. Tie it all together with some simple string lights and you are ready to impress this summer. 

Add more light

Adding a skylight is a great way to add more natural light into your home, especially on sunny summer days. Whether it’s in a hallway, your bedroom, or kitchen, a skylight can really help open-up and brighten a space in your home. 

Freshen up the paint

Winter weather can drastically affect your exterior paint. Exposure to wind, snow, rain, and ice over an extended amount of time can break down, fade, or chip away the paint and make your curb appeal fall short. Similarly, spring and summer is a great time to refresh your interior paint as you can allow windows and doors to remain open to promote faster drying.  

Work on the landscaping

Adding a garden, whether large or small, to the front of your house can improve your home’s curb appeal and bring it into the summer months. If you don’t have a green thumb or the budget to pay for extensive landscaping, simply adding some plants or flowers to your porch or a flower box can do the trick. 

Change out your linens

Warmer weather means less covers required on your bed each night. Pack away warm bedding and simply cover your bed with a light blanket or thin comforter to help keep energy costs lower in the warm months. Plus, it is a nice change to switch out heavy linens for light, fresh, and clean ones. 

Install a ceiling fan

Don’t get stuck in a heat wave without a fan, preferably a ceiling fan. Installing a ceiling fan in your bedroom and main living areas can help to reduce energy bills. Ceiling fans have the added bonus of moving the fresh, summer air throughout your home.

These easy changes can make a world of difference in your home this season. Whether you are ready to entertain every day or hope to rest and relax, taking simple steps to improve your home each season can go a long way. 

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