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8 Perfect Tips on Staging Your Home 

August 10, 2017


If you are getting ready to sell your home, make sure it is sell-ready.  It’s a fact that homes that are beautifully staged bring in higher bids and can often sell for over the asking price. Here are a few tips to help get you started staging your home so that you can get top dollar for it.

1. Get Rid of the Clutter!

Before showing your house, you may want to invest in a storage unit or a POD to store all of the extra, unnecessary items in your home. While packing, start purging your household items. If you don’t need it, donate it! This will significantly reduce any clutter in your home. Make sure to remove all personal items, such as pictures, cards, notes, and souvenirs. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in your home.

2. Appeal to All

You want your home to appeal to men and women, so paint your home in neutral colors and keep decor and accessories simple.  Natural accents like repurposed wood tables and chairs, woven baskets and even some succulent plants to add a perfect touch of nature.  An interior designer consult can help you add pops of color or interesting art.  Ask your Seattle real estate agent for other suggestions to stage your home.

Bonus Tip: Avoid floral decor since this can easily be a turn-off for potential buyers. Instead, add fun textures like neutral fabrics, oversized tufted leather chairs, woven throws and textured pillows. Less is more!

3. Set the Mood with Lighting

Lighting is an important key element when selling your home. Be sure to clean your light fixtures and make sure all your light fixtures work. Replace any old light fixture and make sure to use the proper wattage.  Provide a few accent lamps to add warmth and ambiance.  A well-lit home is inviting to buyers.

Bonus Tip: Add more lighting by buying lamps with rustic or modern touches. You can also save money by replacing old lamp shades. Try adding in overhead lighting and sconce lighting for a more contemporary look.

4. Give Your Windows a Good Wash

Let the sunlight in!  Natural light can make the space appear larger and more inviting, so spending a little time cleaning the inside and outside of your windows can go a long way.  Curb appeal sells homes! The exterior windows will require more work since they are not cleaned as often. For about $20 you can purchase a window scrubber for the outside of your home. If you have second story windows that need cleaning, you may want to consider hiring a window cleaning company.  Money spent to clean your windows is well worth it.

5. Update Your Kitchen

Start with the counters and work your way to the appliances. Small details like adding a subway tile backsplash or accent lighting under your cabinets can enhance your kitchen. The kitchen is a high priority to buyers, so it’s worth investing money in new appliances.  Kitchen updates add value to your home and can easily bring in higher bids.

6. Storage Space Sells

Buyers love the idea of any extra storage space. Adding shelves in your laundry room or extra shelves in closets will draw your buyers in. Clear out and organize any unnecessary items in your closets and shelves to really open up that space. Plus, this will give you a head start to packing up your closets!

7. Get Rid of Pet Odors!

Not every buyer will be a fan of pets, but all will be turned off by pet odors. Keep fur and animals off of your furniture when you are getting ready to start showing your home.  Clean floors and, if you have carpets or rugs, steam clean them thoroughly to reduce unwanted odors.  If it’s possible, open up windows to bring in the fresh air.  Make sure litter boxes are out of the home when showing it, and keep pet messes to a minimum.

These staging to sell tips for your home can make a world of a difference when it comes to getting top dollar for your house.  During the sale process, remember to keep all spaces clean and uncluttered so that when potential buyers drop in, your home will appeal to them.  For more ideas or help selling your home, contact me.  Good luck!


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