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How to Keep Your Seattle Move Organized

May 11, 2018

    Packing up all your belongings can be one of the hardest things to accomplish when moving. What helps my clients the most during this process? A really good, thought-out, moving checklist. Keeping your move organized can save a lot of time and an unnecessary headache. The best way to utilize this list is to start eight weeks in advance of your move. My hope is you will have more time closing on your Seattle dream home.


Step One - Start 8 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Keep, Sell, Trash - Go through your entire home and decide what is making the move with you, what can be donated and what can be recycled/trashed.
  • Create a Binder - Gather all your important information and documents. This can be things like; moving documents, rental agreements for your new home, and inventory of your items or personal documents.
  • Plan on what will go in your new home - If you can, try and acquire a floor plan if possible. This can help you plan on what will fit in your new home and not. If it doesn’t fit, you know you can donate or sell it.
  • Start Looking For Moving Companies - Moving companies in Seattle are always busy and book up fast. It’s best to start early and get a solid booking done.
  • Create an Inventory of Your Home - Focus on what’s most important/valuable to you. When the move is done, you can go over the list to make sure everything made it.

Step Two - Start 6 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Slow Down On Grocery Shopping - Start using up all your perishable & frozen foods that you don’t want to move. This is also a great time to go through and get rid of old or expired foods.
  • Begin Gathering Moving Boxes & Containers - You can order specialty boxes for hanging wardrobes and breakable items. You can also start collecting moving boxes from stores and friends to have on hand.

Step Three - Start 5 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Sell What You Can - If you have a considerable amount of items to get rid of, you may want to consider selling some of them. A little extra pocket cash never hurts. You can use sites like Offer Up, Facebook Market and LetGo.
  • Donate Again - Donate or recycle all items you couldn’t sell.
  • Start Throwing Away - Throw away or recycle anything you can’t donate or sell. Just remember there is a limit to what you can put on the curb for trash.

Step Four - Start 4 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Separate Valuables - Jewelry, family heirlooms, personal documents, etc. Keep them in a separate box that you can transport yourself.
  • Reserve a Moving Truck - If you’re movers are not using their own truck, it’s best to reserve a truck now.
  • Start Packing - Start with the things you don’t use often or need until after the move. Pack things like books, out of season clothing, or specialty kitchen items.
  • Label Boxes - Each box you fill, label what’s in it. This will save so much time when you're moving into your new home.
  • Change your address - Post office, credit card companies, banks, your employer, medical offices, and even your kid's schools. ​

​​Step Three - 3 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Cancel/Transfer Utilities - It’s now time contact your utility providers and confirm which day you're moving to connect and disconnect power.
  • Plan Your Goodbyes! - Plan any parties or going away celebrations.
  • Confirm Any Travel Plans - If you’re having to move confirm you plans. Book hotels or plan any stops you may be making.
  • Forward Your Medical Records - This step doesn’t sound too important but it will save you a lot of time and headache if you transfer records to your new provider.

Step Four - 2 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Schedule Days Off Work - Arrange to take the day off from work for the move.
  • Dispose of Hazardous Material - This includes gasoline, propane or car changing oils.

Step Five - Before the Big Move

  • Put together a box or suitcases to take with you for the first few nights of the move. Leave this for last before packing it up in the truck or your car. This way you will have a few necessities until you can unpack.

If you’re looking to buy a new home in the Seattle area be sure to give Seattle realtor Scott Haveson a call. Good luck on your move and congrats on the new place!


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