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How Much Will A House in Seattle Cost You?

July 17, 2018

Seattle has one of the most competitive housing markets in the nation. With home prices up 13% from last year, buying a home in Seattle can be challenging.  Strong job growth and limited inventory have fueled the quick sales on homes in the area. It’s no wonder with the beautiful scenery, the rocky beaches and endless amounts of things to explore,  the boom doesn’t seem to be coming to an end.

King and Snohomish Counties are two of the fastest growing counties in America. With that being said, an average of 57 people a day making it to some of the greatest cities in the Pacific Northwest. So what does buying a house in King and Snohomish county look like? It can be expensive but finding the right area to move, it’s not impossible!

To give you some perspective, two of the richest people in the world call Seattle home. Microsoft founder Bill Gates was ranked No. 1 for the fourth year, but Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is close behind at No. 3. Isn’t that amazing?

So what will a house in the city of Seattle roughly cost you? The median price in Seattle for a single family is about $770,000 and on the east side, $950,000 to $120,000.

There are plenty of affordable option in the Seattle area if this is above your budget. Many residents choose to live outside to the city and commute in for work. West Seattle is a great place where you can buy an older home with 1,400 to 1,800 square-foot for $250,000–$290,000. Not a bad price for such a beautiful area.

Kenmore is another great city just outside of Seattle. Homes in this area are selling for $500,000 with over 2,300 square feet. This is a great price with an amazing location just across from Lake Washington and quick access to I-5 to Seattle.

If you’re looking for a home closer to Bellevue, Kirkland (Kingsgate) is another affordable location. Buyers can find good homes in the $400,000–$500,000 range, with the sweet spot being around $425,000. Kingsgate is a neighborhood in transition, with a wide range of housing options, from tiny ramblers in distress to new construction on smaller lots with amazing valley views of the Woodinville area.

Are you ready to buy a home in King County? Does the call of the Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer draw you in? Working with an experienced realtor can make a difference in finding a home within your budget. Give Scott Haveson a call today!

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Scott is more than just a realtor: in the short time that I have known him he has become a trusted advisor and friend.  I first had the pleasure of working with Scott when I decided to sell my property on the East side.  He went well beyond what I came to expect from other brokers and helped me in every aspect of getting my house ready for sale.  He also gathered the most up-to-date market intelligence so that we could set the right offering price.  Once the sale was done, Scott gave me the education I needed to purchase my new home in Seattle with confidence.  Throughout the process he provided personalized service and had a team of specialists on standby to assist in every aspect of the transaction.  If you’ve spent any time looking at real estate in Seattle recently, you know that every advantage counts.  In today’s competitive market, you need a person like Scott on your side. ~ Mark M.

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