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5 Easy Mother's Day Home Makeovers

May 02, 2017

Mother’s Day is fast approaching – Sunday, May 14th in case you didn’t already know. If your mother is particularly difficult to shop for and you don’t want to go to standard route of a card and flowers, why not creative and introduce the idea of a room makeover!

Whether she spends most of her time in her reading corner, her home office, or the kitchen, here are a few ideas to spruce up favorite place in the home. And while some surprises can be fun, we do suggest that you run your ideas by her prior to diving right in. Some moms can be especially particular and don’t want you reorganizing their home. Simply let her know what you’re thinking and allow her to give you the green light.

Home Office

If your mom spends all day at her desk, or even if she just needs it to be organized for home tasks, revamping her home office space can be a wonderful gift. It doesn’t even need to be a major change, something as simple as helping her organize her projects and papers can really help to ease her mind.


Your mom probably deserves a full spa retreat, but sprucing up her bathroom can be just a nice. Give the whole bathroom a thorough cleaning and amp up the pampering by giving her fluffy towels, soothing oils or bubble bath, and relaxing candles. Her worries will melt away instantly.

Reading Corner

Does your mom always seem to have her nose in a book? Why not play off that and provide her with a cozy little space to curl up with her latest read. Whether there is an unused window seat, or space for a comfy chair, make sure there is adequate light to read by. Bonus points if you can put in a new bookshelf to hold all her favorites.


Whether it is crafting the perfect culinary concoction or a sweet confection, if your mom spends a lot of time in the kitchen, help make the space easier for her to use. Adding a small cart with her favorite kitchen essentials – tools, cookbooks, and ingredients – can really mean a lot to her. Plus, there is the added bonus for you of getting delicious treats out of it!  

Outdoor Retreat

While it may still be a bit rainy here in the Northwest, there are certainly ways to create a zen-like haven for her outside. Put out a large outdoor umbrella, sweep off the leaves, and add a cozy chair (with pillows and a blanket!) and she’s all set to spend the day relaxing outside.

If all else fails, most moms deeply appreciate a clean home. From the floors to the hard to reach areas, take some of the stress off your mother by helping out around the house. Simple gestures go a long way with moms.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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